Artists who taught in Brussels



Agostina D’Alessandro (ARG/BE) is a contemporary dancer, improvisor, teacher and choreographer. In 2005 she established herself in Brussels and started working as a performer with T.R.A.S.H Company (Holland) in the following productions: PORK-IN-LOOP and ZOFIA, performing in Hollande, Belgium, Spain and France until 2011. In 2009 she joined Julyen Hamilton Company- Allen’s Line, performing the pieces MUD LIKE GOLD (2017), Sand & Vision (Brussels-2016), LOCAL TALK (Paris,Bruxelles & Strasbourg-IMPREVU Festival-2013), LE VOYAGE (Paris,Brussels-2010) and THE ARRIVAL (Brussels-2009). She also participated in several projects such as: Les Ballet du Grand Maghreb by Ana Stegnar & Saïd Gharbi, SUPERAMAS; Koshro Adibi IPL (International Performers Laboratory) and studied with several companies and teachers.
Agostina is a co-founder of SoloConversations Dance Collective active since 2007. In March 2016 the collective premiered their last piece The Grave is Yawning directed by Alexandre Tissot at Le Théâtre de la Vie (Brussels). Since 2011 she is part of the creative team of Improvisation & Composition at the Royal Dance Conservatory of Antwerp where she creates pieces based on a dance improvisation project. She has directed the following performances: Reload in Motion and Zôgraphos (2013), Suggested Emotions and VIRTUS (2014), SYNCHRONICITY, Evoked Potential & Abstract Entity (2015), Mine Is Yours & Flexible Identity (2016), INSIGHT & THERE (2017).
She has taught workshops of Conscious Release and improvisation for performance in Belgium, Mexico, Holland, Argentina, Croatia, Italy and Spain.
Agostina’s work is support by Federation Wallonie Bruxelles and accompanied by Grand Studio.

Morning Classes - Conscious Release

This morning classes are an introduction into the Conscious Release method.Through the application of this technique the dancer is enabled to expand his own abilities and to connect his inner experience “what am I doing with my body” with deliberate and creative use of body language. By using the contemplation of inner space and through the release of tension, an effective means to stop habitual patterns and formal movements in the dance arises. The purely anatomical constitution of the body is a marvellous system that when released can go to the most amazing of places. This practice develops a refined, pure, and sensitive approach to movement. Full creativity can than be experienced and form appears only to serve a unique expression: the present moment.



Petra Van Gompel is a freelance dancer living in Brussels. She started her professional training in dance at the Art school in Antwerp, where she graduated in 2005. After one year of studies in contemporary dance at the Codarts Rotterdam Dansacademie, she moved to Brussels and graduated in 2010, from the training and research cycle at P.A.R.T.S. directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
Petra worked as a dancer with choreographers Jonathan Pranlas, Maaike Van De Westeringh, Luis Marrafa, Yentl De Werdt, Britta Lieberknecht and Tânia Carvalho. She has performed internationally throughout scenes in Europe, Congo and Brazil.
Petra is a founding member of the MARRAFA company that is based at, in Brussels. She frequently gives dance workshops in Belgium and abroad, recently she appeared in "A bag and a stone" a dance piece for screen by Tânia Carvalho. Currently she continues to engage in personal research to develop new dance projects.

Morning Classes 

Starting the day with an exploration in dance and practice of diverse movement languages. Passing through the articulations in the body, going from the subtile to the bigger movements, from falling to standing up, from speeding up to slowing down, playing with different tensions in the body. These two morning classes will include a warm-up, frases traveling across the floor, improvisations and fragments of choreography. 



Elie Tass was born and grew up in Gent. At a young age he was very involved in a variety of sports, primarily martial arts and later on ballet, gymnastics and breakdance. After two years of studying Physical Education at the University of Gent (RUG), never having considered a future in dance, he embarked on a three year dance course at the Higher Institute for Dance (Antwerp). During and after his studies he was invited by Thierry Smits to work with Company Thor in Brussels (Petits Baigneurs and d’Orient) and Marc Bogaerts (Stabat Mater). In 2004 he worked with Jan Fabre/Troubleyn in Tannhäuser. Since 2005 he’s been working with Alain Platel/Les Ballets C de la B in the creations and touring of vsprs, pitié!, Out of Context – for Pina and Tauberbach. In 2012 he worked with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for the creation of Puz/zle. During those years he also started research towards more personal work. For Queensland based contemporary dance company Dancenorth, he and Ross McCormack created (sic) as part of a double bill in 2011. Currently he is touring with nicht schlafen (the latest creation with Alain Platel/Les Ballets C de la B) and is developing a duet with Nicola Leahey.

Morning Classes

In these classes I will propose to work on a gradual progression in approaching the body from a working (i.e. labouring) body towards a more articulating (in order to “speak”) improvisational field, aiming to enrich our physical and eventually imaginative landscapes. Whilst layering information, given and discovered, we’ll try to navigate and constantly re-construct and re-imagine an ever fading movement maze, both individual and collective, and allow ourselves to blur between relevant and irrelevant material. I may or may not want to propose some fixed material within that structure.


Tamara joins Peeping Tom in 2014 for the creation of Vader and also performed The Land  (collaboration with the Residenz Theatre in Munich) at the Cuvillies Theatre in Munich. She also works for the Swiss based choreographer Tabea Martin with who she tours currently Beyond Indifference, and assisted her choreographically for This is My Last Dance. 
Tamara studied in Laban (London) and graduated with a BA in Dance Theatre. She founded the CieTG in 2009 and choreographed Light Scream, Sainte Marie Joseph de la Rose and Sous le Cou(p) du Lapin. In 2007 she founded LE FACTEUR, a dance-art production collective. She is currently working on a dance-theatre piece in collaboration with the Brussels’ based DJ Florence Bujard. She teaches worldwide but mainly in Belgium, France and Switzerland. 

Fascinated by architecture and anatomy, Tamara proposes in her classes « architectural » sequences that she constructs and deconstructs while respecting the limits of the skeleton. Inspired by her training in hip hop and contemporary dance, she explores different qualities of movement through fluid or released phrases balanced by others more abrupt or contracted. The dance varies between linearity and animality with a constant quest of strong physicalities. She also uses Peeping Tom’s dynamics and movement qualities to nourrish the class and guides the students through improvisation in order to reveal the characters that are hidden in every each of them.



Tale Dolven is a norwegian dancer living and working in Brussels. She has worked with Rosas and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker for 12 years, performing in shows like FASE, Rosas Danst Rosas, , Drumming, Zeitung and others. She has also worked with Fieldworks, Benjamin Vandewalle, Doris Uhlich, Kris Verdonck and TG Stan. In 2018 Tale works with the theatre group Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, as well as making her own work in collaborations with actor Gabel Eiben and dancer Igor Shyshko. She studied at PARTS. 


Tale will be teaching a dance class based on her personal warm up. We will go through the whole body, gently but thoroughly. The warm-up aims at maintaining strength and flexibility of the body. Coordination and working with multiple directions are an integral part of the movement-material. Both within the body and in the room, we work with awareness of directions and focus. The aim is to wake up the body and the mind.



João Cardoso, started his dance studies in Escola Superior de Dança in Portugal in 2011. In 2014, worked with the company Plural with people with disable abilities, and in the same year worked with Companhia Instavél, as an Intern. In 2015 danced a piece by Marco Ferreira and created a duet, Adapted to Y&Y with Victor Gomes. Between the years of 2015 and 2017, danced the pieces A Festa (da insignificância), Ceci n’est pas un Film (Dueto para maçã e ovo) and Walking with Kyllian, Never Stop Searching by Paulo Ribeiro. Still in 2016, danced the piece Cúmplice Medo do Encontro by Patrícia Enriques. 


In this class, you are going to work your body in it’s full potential, working from Improvisation to specific movement phrases. João’s interests as a dancer make him work in a way that even when having a set phrase, the possibilities of doing it differ depending on each person’s individuality, and paying attention to the group, even when doing an exercise, you’ll end up developing a feeling of community in this class. The class itself develops from standing on your own or with someone else, to fluid floor work and group exercises that challenge the awareness in the space, finishing with phrases that mix vertical levels throughout the space, paying attention to transitions.