13th to 17th March 2023

Luis Marrafa had created works as a choreographer and sound composer for many vocational dance schools like De Kunsthumaniora from Antwerp and for professional dance companies such as National Ballet of Portugal. 

The motivation for this workshop comes from the desire to share and explore methods of choreography with those who want to create their own works, which they are intended to apply in a creation as a starting point and along the process, all is possible and open in this search. 

This workshop seeks new ways to conceive an idea through movement without being judged on the matter but simply asking questions and these questions will try to be solved. At the end of the 20 hours of the program it is thought to share the creative process but without pressure to conceive a composition, here the idea is to explore and share during the growth. 

This program can be a stimulus and a starting point for a new project of yours, as has already happened in previous editions. If you are interested please send a short biography to 

This workshop is for 4 people with dance knowledge. 

Dates, 13th to 17th March 2023, Monday to Friday (starting at 13:30 and finishing at 17:30) 

photo by Hugo David