Dance projects of MARRAFA vzw developed in

H O M E (2015)
How to become ‘home’? The idea can be paradoxical - home is solid in our memories, but its colours fade and we forget details over time. Our bodies adapt to new places, new rules - we thrive on curiosity. HOME takes all these ideas and draws on the deep-rooted experiences of five dancers, creating a detailed, agile and rhythmic dance vocabulary driven by a pulsating, urgent soundscape composed by the choreographer. Home is a project for five dancers in which the concept generates movement, from the most simple to the more complex. Every motion has a deep-rooted desire for communication. (Luis Marrafa)



ABSTAND (2014)
“People like to keep certain distances between themselves and other people or things. And this invisible bubble of space that constitutes each person’s “territory” is one of the key dimensions of modern society.” (T. HALL, Edward)